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Сортировка Медицина

Vincabral capsules


A tool that improves blood circulation in the brain

Ingredients:1 capsule contains 30 mg of Vinca minor L plant extract


Pharmacological properties:

Vincabral stimulates brain activity. Vincabral adapts the metabolic needs of brain tissue to the parameters of cerebral blood flow. By increasing the oxidation reactions of glucose, Vincabral improves metabolic processes in the brain, increases the generation of energy in cells and their activity. Vincabral increases oxygen supply to neurons in hypoxia, improves cerebral blood circulation. It has a complex effect on brain tissue: it stimulates its function, improves energy supply, eliminates hypoxia. It strengthens the normal functioning of the brain, especially the ability to think and memory.


Instructions for use:

∙ Cerebrovascular insufficiency

∙ Attention and memory impairment

∙ Condition after brain injuries

∙ To improve mental abilities

∙ Vision and hearing impairment caused by cerebral blood flow deficiency

∙ Increased intracranial pressure

∙ Hypertension, hypertonic encephalopathy

∙ Migraine, migraine-like seizures

∙ Diabetic angiopathy

∙ During rehabilitation after ischemic stroke and risk of ischemic stroke

∙ Unexplained vertigo attacks

∙ Emotional tension and excitement



Children, pregnancy and lactation, brain tumors, hypotonia, hypersensitivity to the component.


Method of use and dosage:

1 capsule 2 times a day


Release form:

Vincabral capsule #20 in a box


Producer: Rompfarma, Romania

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